I am a Java/Android Developer, currently working as a freelancer.

My own favorite way of using Java was and is to develop Java Standalone (Desktop) Applications using Java SE.
I simply am not a web developer, so no Java EE, JSP, web apps, etc.

Back in 2010, I delved into the Android world.
I was reluctant in the beginning because the Java on Android is not the official Java (from Oracle-Sun), but in the end I decided to have a go at it and see what the fuss was about, and I discovered that, after getting past the learning curve, Android Java is not so bad compared to Java SE.
So I added Android Developer to my title, and started taking on Android projects from clients.
I also made my own apps and decided to publish some of them.

This is the very purpose of this website, to promote Android apps developed by me and published under my own name.
The site is built by me, as a "hobbyist web developer", so don't expect anything too fancy.

Java/Android Developer